Lynkeos Announces ATTRACT Project in Partnership with Swansea University


We are pleased to announce that Lynkeos Technology will embark on an ATTRACT project in partnership with Swansea University over the next year.

Lynkeos Technology and Swansea University will share €100,000 for this European Union funded project, which will allow us to develop bespoke holding structures for scintillator-based detector systems through the application of innovative 3D printing techniques. These holding structures will be used for commercial applications as well as fundamental physics and medical research.

Applying these new manufacturing techniques to scintillator-based particle detectors brings many benefits, such as:

  • reduced production costs
  • quicker construction process
  • improved quality assurance from easily replicated systems

The initial commercial application of this innovative detector manufacturing technique will be in the development of Lynkeos Technology’s mobile muography system. This will be the first commercial system capable of the passive monitoring and integrity inspection of large-scale civil infrastructure such as bridges and dams for some of the world’s leading engineering organisations.

You can read more about the 3DSCINT project here.