About Us

Lynkeos is a Scottish company founded in August 2016 to develop our novel Muon Imaging System for commercial applications. Our experienced team has produced a state-of-the-art, passive 3D imaging system that uses naturally-occurring background radiation in the form of cosmic-ray muons to inspect the contents of complex, shielded structures.

Lynkeos is the first company in the UK to specialise in muography technology, which addresses some of the most complex technical challenges facing society today. Our focus until now has been the challenge faced by the global nuclear industry of safely processing and storing large quantities of nuclear waste.

Lynkeos was spun-out by the Nuclear Physics group at the University of Glasgow after a successful £4.8 million R&D programme funded by Sellafield Ltd. on behalf of the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. This initial programme was carried out in collaboration with the UK National Nuclear Laboratory.  Lynkeos subsequently commercialised the Muon Imaging System under a £1.6 million Innovate UK First Of A Kind Deployment of Innovation contract.

Who was Lynkeos?

Lynkeos was one of the Argonauts who accompanied Jason on his quest aboard the Argo to retrieve the golden fleece. He was said to have excellent sight, even being able to see through trees, walls and underground to warn of any hidden dangers.

Lynkeos Technology Ltd. has developed an innovative 3D imaging system that harnesses the power of the Universe to do the exact same thing…