Director Discusses Future in MUOGRAPHIX Interview


Muon Imaging System renderings, and Lynkeos Director David Mahon with the IOP 2018 Business Start-Up Award

Director of Lynkeos Technology Dr David Mahon was recently interviewed by MUOGRAPHIX, a muography research organisation dedicated to promoting research in Japan and the EU and circulating recent innovation in the field worldwide. In the interview, David discussed Lynkeos’s Muon Imaging System, challenges facing the company, and expanding outwith the UK.

David spoke about how the system can revolutionise the way we store nuclear waste and how disseminating this new technique could influence companies around the world, saying: “Muography is the only passive, health-and-safety neutral way to inspect the contents of shielded nuclear waste containers.  The capability is independent of the storage medium, which means that it can be used on a wide-range of containers and waste forms. The biggest challenge will be to demonstrate the technology can reliably do what we claim it can do.”

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