Archive: June 26, 2019

Director Discusses Future in MUOGRAPHIX Interview

Director of Lynkeos Technology Dr David Mahon was recently interviewed by MUOGRAPHIX, a muography research organisation dedicated to promoting research in Japan and the EU and circulating recent innovation in the field worldwide. In the interview, David discussed Lynkeos’s Muon Imaging System, challenges facing the company, and expanding outwith the UK. David spoke about how

New Renderings of Portable Muon Imaging Systems

Fearsome Design recently produced various renderings of our portable Muon Imaging Systems. These tiles will use background radiation to passively inspect and produce 3D images of the interiors of  civil infrastructure such as bridges and dams. As shown in the images, the systems are easily transportable. The system identifies materials based on their density. Through

Lynkeos Announces ATTRACT Project in Partnership with Swansea University

We are pleased to announce that Lynkeos Technology will embark on an ATTRACT project in partnership with Swansea University over the next year. Lynkeos Technology and Swansea University will share €100,000 for this European Union funded project, which will allow us to develop bespoke holding structures for scintillator-based detector systems through the application of innovative